Typhoon is the G-Power tuned BMW X5

This means that the 8 injectors provide for the power that the SKIII compressor engine uses and its 6 speed automatic gearbox works extremely well with its xDrive 4 wheel drive that makes this car one well-performed vehicle. An ASA T1-521 hd supercharger was also included to give you more power as the original 355 horsepower and 525Nm of torque has since been increased to a 525 horsepower and 600Nm of torque respectively. A 2 piece carbon-fiber intake manifold has been fitted in as well as an aluminum intercooler and the G-Power’s very own stainless steel exhaust. This well modified machine now gets to a top speed of 275km/h and gets you from zero to hundred in merely 5 seconds.

Of course, performance is nothing without looks. The new muscular fender and the newly designed aprons and spoilers means now this car really look the sporty behavior it exudes on the tar. The fender flares at the front of the Typhoon and its rear axle is well fitted with some very matching fender liners which makes the X5 looks wider. In fact, this has stretched the car to about 5 centimeters more. This means that there is more space for bigger tyres which definitely the case where G-Power has fitted in its Silverstone Forged Edition forged wheels which gives you 11Jx23 and 12Jx23 in the front and rear axles respectively. Michelin tyres comes with this car where you get the high-performance 315/25 ZR 23 rubbers.

Speaking of appearance, you can be sure that all everything in the Typhoon has been articulately chosen and designed to suit its persona. The 2 stainless steel tailpipes and muffler gives the back a more aggressive look while some cool LED lights gives its undersides some cool illumination. Whatever the verdict, the X5 has already been a great car to begin with and with such a mean looking new design and the whooping horses to come with, this car really is one ferocious looking machine.