U-turn in decision to reinstate Bahrain GP

It seems that the FIA is going back on their decision to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix after the decision met with more hurdles than approvals.

The FIA had decided earlier that Bahrain would have their GP after all on this year after its original schedule was called off as the season opener this year due to political unrest. It was then decided that the race could be postponed instead. Hence, the decision was made last week to reinstate the Bahrain round ahead of India GP.

However, Bernie Ecclestone has since announced that they are now making a U-Turn on the decision due to ‘unusual circumstances’ after the decision particularly from human rights group as well as most of the Formula 1 teams involved. The FIA had claimed that they have sent people to check out the situation and that it seemed to be fine for the race to go ahead. But despite the clearance, the teams are still concerned about the safety and security of the race. The teams had initially voiced their disapproval for the race to go ahead prior to the decision anyway and now they are making their sentiments known and Ecclestone said that the race will now be called off.