UMW accepting orders for seventh generation Toyota Camry due in June


UMW Toyota, the Malaysian distributor of Toyota vehicles has started accepting bookings for its new Toyota Camry.


This will be the seventh generation of the widely popular luxurious model where it is slated to reach our shores this coming June. They have already started distributing the fact sheets and UMW will be bringing in 2 versions of the 2.0 liter version and another 2.5 liter model.

The 2.0 liter models will be in the form of the 2.0G and 2.0E model which would be priced around RM160,000 and RM152,000 respectively. Meanwhile the top of the range model is the RM183,000 2.5 liter V-Specs model. UMW will be selling them in 4 different colours which are the Silver Metallic, White Pearl CS, Medium Silver Metallic and one called the Attitude Black which will be available for all models. The White Pearl is slightly more expensive and you will need to pay an additional RM800.

The new Camry created quite a buzz when it was on show at the Bangkok Motor Show where the 2.0 liter versions will be powered up by the 2.0 liter VVT-i engine while the 2.5 version gets you the 2.5 liter Dual VVT-i with ACIS paired with a 6 speed super ECT automatic transmission gearbox that comes with a sequential shifter and it was reported that it comes with a large touchscreen display with DVD player and reverse camera among many other goodies.