Upgraded RM81k Ford Fiesta 1.6 LX sedan arrives

Ford Malaysia recently launched the new Ford Fiesta 1.6 LX Sedan and this would represent one of the most affordable sedan models around. Priced at RM81,388 only on-the-road and with insurance, it is a slightly upgraded model as compared to the current Fiesta model.
It now comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity and it is more ergonomical as well as more practical. Controls are mounted on the steering wheel for better maneuverability and easier access.

In terms of safety it now comes with the Ford Safety Pack where it comes with 7 airbags. In the previous model it only came with one and now you get airbags for the driver, the passenger, on the side, curtains as well as for the knees. Although it is now RM3k more than the previous model the additional safety features more than makes up for it. Apart from that, most other parts remain the same as before where you get the 15 inch alloy wheels leather steering wheel as well as the fog lights. It is not considered as the upper scale model but is more like an upgraded one. At that price and the driving comfort that the Fiesta is known for, this is surely quite well worth it.