US car buyers opting for more practical Porsches as Panamera tops sales

Apart from that, the big SUV Cayenne too also brought in quite an impressive string of results as they outsold most of the competitors in its bracket. Again, one must stress that this is a four door car. The new 2011 Cayenne is expected to be rolled out soon and hence, customers are waiting for that. Meanwhile, those who are interested to buy a Porsche are skipping the Cayman/Boxster model and Porsche recorded good figures in April with the Panamera. It sold 678 units which is about twice the amount of 911’s sold. That performance speaks very much for itself. Last year alone, the Cayenne sold about 800 units per month and with the 2011 version coming out soon, it would surely push the general sentiments that the more practical Porsche models would be more demanded.