US$275,000 bike: Ecosse Heretic Titanium Series

It features the world’s first complete titanium frame and what bodywork there is, is all carbon fiber.Engenuity Racing V-Twin engine is now a 2150cc, fuel injected, supercharged and intercooled monster putting out 200 horsepower and 210 foot pounds of torque, at the rear wheel that i would say rather insane for a naked bike that weighs about 200kg.

The front suspension system use fully adjustable Ohlins FG700 Superbike Gas with 17 inch carbon fiber wheels, wheelbase is 60.5 inches and weight is cited as about 440 pounds with a titanium front axle, while the rear suspension is a fully adjustable Ohlins Racing Shock setup. The bodywork is clear-coated carbon fiber, which includes the fuel tank.
But how many people actually buy these things and ride them?