Versatile Volvo V50 – 2008

Volvo has unveiled its latest station wagon Volvo V50, to replace Volvo S40 the small family car. It made its world debut during the Bologna motor show. The Belgium automaker produced a more stylish and handsome car compared to the previous S40, non-memorable small car.

The most distinctive feature of V50 is its redesigned trendy interior that provides a more comfortable space for the passengers. Besides that, it holds plenty of storage areas for passengers’ belongings.



Target at younger buyers, V50 includes a range of new features. It is fitted with soft “theater” lightning in various sections, and the new 5-cylinder engines. Buyers can experienced engine performance up to 10 horsepower with this latest T5 engine.

Dubbed as the “sport wagon” by Volvo, this compact V50 was conceived with bulging fenders and grooved hood. V50 is reputable in providing an impressive safety feature.

This version features "Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture” and ‘IDIS’ – Intelligent Driver Information System as it will delay any potential distractions to the drivers such as incoming telephone calls.

Other carefully designed innovative features are the Active Bi-Xenon headlamps and the Emergency Brake Lights function where the lights will flash continuously as the driver stomps hard on the pedal to alert the traffic behind the car.

Combined with all the above utility, V50 also has side-impact and head curtain airbags, active head restraints as well as built-in booster seats for children. Also Premair is Volvo’s pioneer for the environment. The system convert majority of ozone passing through it into oxygen. Thumbs up for Volvo’s effort!

In the year 2008, V50 has been face lifted with minor alteration. The T5 power output has increased, audio components and optional blind-spot monitor has been upgraded.

If you are looking for a compact Volvo with a stylish design, look no further as Volvo V50 will grow in its production for the next generation. This upscale small wagon is perfect for Volvo lovers.