Very low response for free rear seat belts installation – Proton

National carmaker Proton Holdings Berhad said that they have received very low response for the free installation of rear seat belts. According to Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, the managing director of the group, up until the 16 February they have only fitted in 37,604 old Proton cars that did not come with rear seat belts. This means that only 16.4% of the 226,000 cars affected have only went to have the seat belts installed. The offer was made available in January 2009 after the government made it compulsory for rear passengers to buckle up.

He said that it is disappointing that there are only so few Proton owners who are taking this matter seriously. The free of charge service will only be available until June 1 or they would have to pay for the installation after that. He called on owners of the Proton cars without the rear seat belts to take this opportunity to fit in the rear seat belts or they could contact Proton at 03-8026 9999 for further inquiries.