Volkswagen puts out the eT! the perfect car for the postman

German automaker Volkswagen has unveiled their new eT! which will surely be an interesting vehicle especially for those who wants a lot of space and good performance.

This is of course referring to the small business owners if it ever make it into production that is. According to VW, it won’t be heading into the conveyor belts soon but it will surely gauge how the commercial vehicle sector will like it.

VW is intending to show how future goods can be transported using this one and this comes through the result of the works of Deutsche Post AG, the University of Art at Braunschweig and supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany. It is designed for the narrow streets of Europe where they intend to showcase how the future of such transports can be designed. The main focus here is not only in the space but also in providing a zero-emission vehicle which is practical and economical.

It can also be operated semi-automatically where upon receiving the ‘follow me’ instruction follow the delivery man from house to house. This will enable the postman to avoid having to hop in and out of the vehicle so many times. They will be putting more tests into the technologies in this one for more analyses. With VW setting up their facilities here, it might just be made possible if they decide to roll it into production in the future.