Volvo makes statement on new luxury sedan in their new Volvo Concept Universe

With a name called the Volvo Concept Universe, it would surely invoke quite a lot of attention and that is exactly what the Swedish automotive giant is looking to achieve where they are using this to show off how their new luxury sedan would look like. Such a preview is to showcase to the world what their next top range sedan would be looking like so get a grip, gentlemen!

Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, Volvo claims that the Concept Universe is made to exhibit a new human-centric design language as well as to create the buzz among its customers by displaying what they termed as ‘eternal beauty’. Hence you will see that they have  deviated from its usual persona where this one gives you that futuristic design look with a more coupe-like top as well as more contemporary design concepts all around.

Having done that, Volvo has not deviated that far though where some of the distinct elements could still be seen. They have not revealed too much technical details as yet but one thing for sure, they are putting the passengers first with this one. So the user-focused design gives the interiors so much more simplicity than other Volvos of the generation.

Coming on with an uncomplicated interior, comfort becomes the main element inside the cabin. It will come with intuitive controls and a multimedia touch-screen system which has a ‘magnet’ function where as your hand approaches it, it will reach back out to you. Ultra-comfortable chairs too are being placed in this concept where the rear passengers could enjoy an envelope sitting arrangement.

As mentioned, this concept is very much all about luxury and the experience that comes with it and hence they are using as a spring bed to get the feedback from its customers, particularly from the Chinese market as they are putting it on show in Shanghai. After that, they will translate that into their future models which will go into the American and European markets respectively. They are also planning to develop the new SPA or Scaled Platform Architecture which is planned for its future models.