Volvo to release facelifted C30 soon

To a certain extent, it looks a bit like the XC60 although this one really have its own DNA in all areas. The sneak resemblances ends only in its overall look. That means, your first look at it makes you think they look similar, take a closer look and everything changes, including your perception. At the front grille, you will notice its new honeycomb style as well as some new rear valance colour-codes which goes along with the body colour of this car. However, you can also choose to contrast the colours here as well. apart from that, a new Orange Flame Metallic colour has been added which is pretty much what you see at the exhaust tailpipes seen around in the T5s and D5s which essentially are 2 90mm tail pipes which are stainless steel coated. Seriously, this looks serious. You also get 2 options in the type of wheels and 5 alternatives in the Contrast Colour Collection.

To spot a more aggressive look, you get a new accessory styling kit which includes cool, cool additions like a new aluminum rear skidplate, foglamps décor, side scuff plates and a front skidplate. If you take a step inside the car, you will only love this car more as it looks to extend the coolness on the outside. The Espresso/Blond colour combination paints through the interior which gives this car so much more character, what with the dark brown upper section of the car and the blending grey or beige shades painted on the lower parts of the doors makes every inch sharper. Of course, you have the choice on the fabrics used in your vehicle which depending largely on your preference you can go for the brighter and funkier colours like orange and green and Cranberry for the upholstery.

You can be sure that Volvo did not only focused on the looks of the car. One thing for sure, the handling and performance of this car will definitely be enhanced to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. But take a look at this car and you will want to go out and buy it, only for how it looks. Anything else (performance and power) are just bonuses.