Volvo XC90 returns with a diesel version

Remember that this car does not come cheap as it is typically a 4WD in nature, hence the price tag of RM355,000 is pretty much appropriate as it is priced the same for both the diesel and petrol versions respectively. The car comes with a 2.5 liter engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox. The engine is capable of producing up to 185 horsepowers and a maximum 400Nm of torque. It comes with a the Gertronic system which is a shifter that puts your car into manual transmission which also controls the all 4Wheels system.

Apart from the front halogen lights, which did not come with the petrol version (that one comes with bi-xenon lights) all other features of the facelifted version is the same with this car. The way to tell the difference between both the diesel and the petrol variants is by spotting the D5 emblem at the vehicle’s rear. Otherwise, they both look the same.

The interior of the car is pretty impressive with the leather seats and safety feathers in the Volvo, well, it is a Volvo, what were you not expecting, more like. The car comes standard with all the acronyms you can find that coins safety. You name it, they have it. EBD, ABS, SIPS, EBA, DSTC, WHIPS, ROPS, and whatever else you can pretty think of. This car essentially is a 7 seater which means you get 3 rows of seats available and the sheer size of it will impress you to the max.

This car really is one hard worker if you are to look at what it is capable of doing. It can carry heavy loads, go up and down hills effortlessly, take bends and curves responsively and of course, it runs on diesel, sort of give you an impression of a huge lorry doesn’t it. The one thing this car has that lorries don’t is their upholding of safety first, which is the epitome of the Volvo brand. Ultimately, it is the Volvo name which is highly significant here in the XC90 D5, for less than 350k, this car is quite a steal.