VW aims Malaysia’s luxury car segment

According to Helmi Ilyas, the Director of Sales of VW Cars Sdn Bhd, "Though previously happy with that position, we feel it is time now for us to overtake the two bigger brands. Those who had bought other luxury models now feel the need for an alternative and Volkswagen cars serve this purpose,"

In Malaysia, the uptake of Volkswagen cars are slower that of its competitors like the Beemer or the Mini both of which are more preferred in every segment, but of late the new range of Polo seemed to be very much favoured as more and more of that vehicle are seen on the road. Hence, should the sales for VW cars pick up and grow faster, a plant might be in the works to assemble the cars here. Priced at RM118,000 for the entry level Polo, it is no wonder that consumers who are looking for a value for money car are opting for this variant while its top of the range is priced at RM433,888 for the Touareg.

Helmi added that "We are not involved though.The negotiation is between the principle and a partner in Malaysia.They expect to have the plant in two years time. In contrast, we have a great product and offer it at an affordable price so that more people can own one,"

The price tag will one of the most influencing factor that will drive customers to consider VW cars as they get the continental features at a cut price as compared to others what more if they are looking to target the luxury car segment. Helmi said "In our case, we can still maintain sales. Even now, we are about five percent above our target compared to last year.We hit our lowest point around February this year and are now growing.This will be the trend until the end of the year,"

A four door Passat CC Coupe is set to be launched this year to add to the luxury portfolio of the company while the Scirocco will also be brought it. Look out competitors, VW is serious about their target markets and as such very serious about stamping their marks in the Malaysian automotive market.