VW to launch new Scirocco, Golf and Passat in next 2 months

Currently all 3 models are already available for viewing at their showroom in Bangsar where you can check them out. While the Golf and the Passat are 2 pretty renowned cars with previous versions have already made their ways into our roads, the Scirocco GT is really the gem which most people are talking about for some time.

This new sporty looking hatchback coupe has been around Europe for some time now and to bring it into Malaysia gives will definitely give their competitors a run for their money. As for the Golf, it will come with the 2.0 liter TSI engine which has a 4 cylinder turbocharged upgraded engine. This car gets you from zero to hundred in merely 7.2 seconds and depending on which version VW Malaysia is bringing in, will be the case for with the 6 speed manual transmission model while the 6 speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission gets you within 6.9 seconds. This, according to Volkswagen is the fastest Golf GTi ever produced where they gets you to a top speed of 238 and 233 km/h respectively. The new versions also comes standard with the common DNA that has since attracted some 1.7million Golf owners globally with added performance in its handling and performance.

The new Passat CC though is quite a different model. This is technically a 4 seater coupe model which is pretty long for its size. The thing is, coupes are usually associated with 2 door cars with a longer door frame and this car is designed in such a way that it looks like one, but is actually a 4 door car. Hence, you can be sure to find quite a big car. Whatever it is, all 3 cars would definitely be great both to own and to look at but keep your calendars tapped and we will bring you the latest reviews as and when they are released.