Waiting time for Honda Insight is now less than a month

If you haven’t already known, the Honda Insight is one of the most highly demanded hybrids currently on sale in Malaysia.

This is because with the rising price of fuel, the demand for alternative fuel vehicles are currently on the rise and it is only logical that hybrid cars are fast gaining popularity. Furthermore, the government of Malaysia has provided incentives like tax exemptions for hybrid vehicles and at RM99,800, the Honda Insight seemed like the ideal choice. It is affordable and is naturally a hybrid vehicle; hence it has become quite a common member of the Malaysian roads already. With the rising demand, this means that one would need to wait for quite a while for the delivery. And it was reported that one might have to wait up to 6 months to receive their Insight.

Not anymore. Having sold more than 3,000 units since it was launch and the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, the delivery of the Insight was previously said to be very slow. However, Honda Malaysia has announced that their production lines have since recovered in Japan and hence, delivery will be back on track. In fact, it will now take lesser than a month for delivery of the Insight. So, make your order now as the government tax exemptions are supposed to be valid until the end of this year. Honda said that they will be working on more models in the near future so keep your fingers crossed.