What will Formula 1 be without Ferrari?

Fernando Alonos, Renault’s driver who has 2 World Champion titles under his belt believe that if the solution is not found soon enough, there might not be a next season once this is over. He said “If everything is not settled, formula one is finished and the sport will turn into GP2 with a little more pace, but there won’t be any interest in it as an event. I don’t want to drive for a small team. If the seven teams go, formula one disappears. With unknown drivers, it’s over. You’ll lose the ten best drivers in the world,”

To some quarters, the threat poised by Ferrari is one that is selfish and melodramatic, but it might just materialize since it has been spoken about in public. Should the FIA impose the ruling, it will be interesting to see how Ferrari and its allies are going to ‘comeback’ down from the clouds. If they succumb to the ruling, it shows how much they need the F1 circus, if they don’t then they have to find other circuits or competitions and hope to increase their profiles.

According to Kimi Raikonnen, the Ferrari driver whose contract extends to 2010, “I’m pretty sure we are going to disappear from formula one. They will find something for me to do since they still have a contract with me. They are racing in many other categories,”