What your teenager child should know before you pass the car keys over

So, your son or daughter has got her ‘P’ license and is ready to drive to college. Regardless if you are buying a new car or handing your keys over, there are certain things that they should know before driving off. This is because when they are behind the wheels, you are not there to ‘take care of things’. Below are some pointers.

Stopped by police

Tell your child that if the police stops him, do not panic or argue. If it is in public, follow instructions like handing over the MyKad and driving license. However, if in doubt, they can always call you.

Break downs

Tell your child where the emergency numbers are. If the car breaks down, he must know the number of the tow truck, the mechanic and the insurance company.

Flat tyres

This is the fundamental skill that every driver must know. Make sure you teach your son or daughter how to change the tyres if there is a flat (and in the process, where the spare tyre is).

Driving under influence

No matter what your son or daughter says, driving under the influence of alcohol is  a direct ‘NO!’. You must tell them that the consequences will be very serious which include no more driving, being grounded and even no allowance for a month. You must teach your child to deal with their friends who wants to drive under the influence.

Ultimately, you must inform them that it is okay to call you if they have consumed alcohol and you will come and get them.


You must teach your child how to deal if an accident occurs. The most instant reaction is to call you but if you are not available, they must be aware of what to do and how to discuss with the other party.