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3 top tricks when buying a car

You might not be an expert in cars and vehicles but that does not mean you should only buy what has been offered to you. This is more evident when you are buying a used car as everyone knows that there are dealers who are out to make a quick buck.
So even if you have the strategies of negotiations right with the dealers, you could use the tricks discussed here so that you get your money’s worth and not be tricked into buying something at an inflated price.

Check out more places – Car prices for new cars are fixed, so there really is no need to shop around. However, you can always request (no harm asking) for additional stuff like a SmartTAG, window tinting, petrol vouchers and even umbrellas. In new car dealers, always remember that if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Among used car dealers however, the price can be quite different. Always remember to go around and find the cheapest and most value-for-money option. Before doing so, find out what the market rate for your desired model is then start shopping.

Promotions – Find out about the promotions that come with the dealer. Some might offer 2 months free instalment while others could offer free first year insurance. Always validate these promotions. Dealers around Malaysia tend to put up banners to attract customers only to tell them that the promotion is ‘over’. If you encounter such a case, go somewhere else (or at least threaten to do so) because if they are not sincere about the promotion, someone else would.

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate – The dealer will always go for the highest profit when quoting the price of the car. If you do not negotiate for the best price, you will only lose out. So, try and go for the best price you can find. Throw in every bargaining technique you know and see if you get what you want. After that, tell the dealer that you will think about it and come back later. Remember! If you can’t get this car, there will always be many more. Thus, there is no need to rush into buying it.