4 Main Causes of Traffic Jams in Malaysia

When you are stuck in a traffic jam, chances are you will think, why are the roads so jammed? If you can you would want to just fly out and reach your destination but that is not possible of course.

So why are Malaysian roads so congested? Actually there are only 4 main reasons why there are traffic jams in Malaysia.

1. Accidents and floods
Accidents are unfortunate and when that happens along any highway, it will surely create a traffic jam that could last hours.
On the other hand, floods would cause jams too. This is most common during heavy downpours and would be worse during the rush hour.

2. Queue Cutters
You will find that one of the worst driving behaviors among Malaysians are those who like to cut queue. Like it or not, they are one of biggest culprits who create traffic jams. Because of those who like to cut queue, those at the back would take forever to reach their destinations because they are deprived off their way in front.

Queue cutters are the worst type of drivers.

3. On-lookers
Busybodies. They are those who slow down on the opposite direction when there is an accident on the other side of the road. The on-lookers slow down because they want to see what happened. If they don’t the traffic flow will be smoother.

4. Toll plazas
Toll plazas are those that cause a lot of traffic congestion. It is very strange. Toll plazas are to collect the payment to reduce traffic jams on highways but they seemed to be the one making things worse. There should be a way to speed up the payments.
Using the Touch N Go and SmartTag sometimes make it worse.
While we cannot stop toll plazas, perhaps we can stop being busy bodies and if possible it would be best if we could stop cutting queue. If no one cuts queues, traffic will surely be smoother.