Are you one of these BAD Malaysian drivers?

Driving in Malaysia is challenging enough but we have to deal with BAD drivers all the time. Below are just some of them.

1. The ‘Tidak Apa’ driver
You drive in your own world. Basically, you seemed to enjoy driving and usually sing along with what is on radio. The problem with you is that, sometimes you are not aware that you might be annoying others. Sometimes you are even hogging the road.

2. The ‘Mat Rempit’ wannabe
You drive like you are riding a bike like the Mat Rempits. You swerve in and out of lane like you are in a rush all the time. You cannot afford to wait for even 1 second, so when you are approaching any road hoggers, you are ready to swerve.

3. The ‘Anti-Jam’ driver
You cannot stand being in a traffic jam. If you know there is a jam coming up, you rather take a longer route than sit in the congestion. Even if it is further and would take a longer time to reach your destination

4. The ‘Multi-task’ driver
You need to show that you can do many things at one time. Using the mobile phone is only one of the ‘usual’ tasks. You want to be drinking something, eating a burger or even French Fries to go with it.

5. The Bully
You like to bully others on the road. You honk, you overtake, you disturb slower drivers and you are not afraid of accidents. Basically, you do anything just to get your way.

6. The ‘Law Breaking’ driver
You live to break traffic laws. You run the red lights, drives above the speed limit, makes illegal turns and cut queues. Just a matter of time before the cops get to you.

7. The Queue cutter
You seemed to be an expert in cutting queues. Traffic lights, parking, toll plazas, whatever it is and whenever you see a queue, you MUST cut it. Its like a lifelong mission for you.

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