Best Resale Value Cars In Malaysia

Owning a car in Malaysia is somewhat very different as that in other countries even by any standards of our nearest neighbors. While you could just own a car of any brand in Singapore, the same cannot be said in Malaysia.

Resale Value an influencing factor

What makes Malaysia so different when it comes to owning a car is in the resale value. In fact, it is one of the biggest factors when it comes to making the decision to buy a particular car. Hence, certain car models do very well in Malaysia while some top brands like Audi or BMW do not perform very well because of its resale value. This means that before you make the decision to purchase a certain car, there must be a substantial amount of homework and research that you must do before jumping onto the bandwagon.

How is resale value calculated?

The general rule of thumb to the resale value of cars in Malaysia is that it would depreciate about 20% for local brands. For continental brands meanwhile, it could range between 30 and 40% and at times, it could even be more because this only takes into account the car price. Besides that, there are other factors like mileage, condition of the car, wear and tear as well as the age of the car which would affect the resale value. So, what would be the car that you should consider when it comes to buying one? Here are the top cars with the best resale value in Malaysia.

Toyota Vios

Perhaps one of the most popular entry sedan models to have ever entered the Malaysian market, Toyota Vios is a true success when it comes to resale value. This is truly a crowd favorite and has been hugely successful with every new facelift or version. A second-hand Vios is sold for about RM40,000 which is quite an attractive price, especially in the used car segment. This is in regards to the model which would have been bought at about RM95,000 some 5 years earlier.

Honda Civic

Once upon a time, the Honda Civic has been the best selling imported cars in Malaysia until they opened up the market. In fact, such is the reputation for Honda Civic that even if you still owned a 15-year-old Civic, you can still sell it for about RM28,000 today. That in itself speaks volumes. To date, the Honda Civic has breached the RM130,000 price point and if you bought one some 5 years ago around that price, you can still sell it at about RM50,000 today.

Honda City

When there’s Vios, there’s City. Honda City would surely be part of the best resale value cars in Malaysia. It was after all one of the most capable and performance-driven cars in the entry sedan category. If you bought a new Honda City in 2010 for about RM90,000, you can sell it off today for about RM40,000 putting it as one of the best values in this segment.

Perodua Myvi

There is a strong reason why the Perodua Myvi is the best selling car in Malaysia for many consecutive years. Among the most popular comments from the owners include:

  • Economical – Its price point is affordable and maintenance is very low.
  • Good resale value – Because of being economical, Myvi has always given owners great returns.
  • Maintenance – Being a locally-produced car, the maintenance is among the lowest in its category

For a new model that you bought in 2009 for about RM55,000, you can sell it after 5 years for about RM30,000.