Best Used Cars 2020

Are you planning to buy or sell a used car but not sure where to start? Is your dream car worth the money you are going to spend when you buy it? Check out what’s in store for this year and which used car is most worth it.

How do you gauge?

The price is always something that you start with because that is your budget and amount you are willing to spend (in installments). For 2020, the best-used cars to buy are those in 2014 as they are not too old to buy and not too new to sell. Then you need to decide which segment of the vehicle you are aiming it. This will further determine the price as it stems from why you might need such a car. You might be looking for a passenger car as you seldom carry things but if you have an infant in your family, you might go for an SUV. Below are the categories we have prepared for you.

Heavy-duty cars

This category of cars refers to those that are more for functional purposes although these modern machines do pack in some really nice design too.

  • Off-road 4x4s – For something heavier duty, then you should seek out the 2014 Toyota LandCruiser Prado VX. This car is extremely functional, serving the purpose of what has been designed to do while reliability is its number feature. And it looks really cool too!.
  • Dual-Cab Utes – For 2020, look for the best dual-cab ute which is the 2014 Ford Ranger XLT 3.2-litre 4×4 Double Cab Utility. This car was designed to do what it does and it will surely deliver this purpose for years to come. Only 6 years of age, there will still be a lot of mileage to go with the Ranger XLT.

Passenger Cars

Passenger cars have faster turnovers as compare to the other categories. The competition is very high in offering the best vehicles with good value-for-money. Safety remains as one of the priorities.

  • Small Cars – For 2020, the 2014 Mazda3 Maxx hatchback takes this home. A compact and functional vehicle, it is packed with some really cool accessories, ensuring you have all you need in a speedy car.
  • Medium Cars – The 2014 Mazda6 Touring wins this one which means Mazda tops the list of passenger cars for 2020. What makes the Mazda6 Touring such a good car is its safety features and would be a good deal if you can find this version.
  • Large Cars – The 2014 Ford FG X Falcon XR6 has good second-hand value, extremely spacious and is the perfect passenger car if you are looking for a used model.

High-End Cars

For this, we look at 2 types of cars which are luxury and sports cars. Basically, we are talking about cars that people buy because they want them and not because they need them.

  • Sports Cars – This year, the Toyota 86 GTS released in 2014 is the one to own. It is not overly expensive at the used-car bracket and is still performing at tip-top (if properly maintained). The outlook is fresh and never gets old.
  • Luxury Cars – Get the 2014 Range Rover Vogue and you will surely not regret it. It is large and handsome in its own way while everyone knows you are on a Range Rover with this one. The design itself is synonymous with the brand so driving the Vogue is definitely in style.

Used SUVs for 2020

SUVs are always nice to have and great to drive if they get it right. You need to search for the right model and the manufactured year for this one. Meanwhile, check out the accessories and fittings that come with these SUVs. For 2020, the best-used SUVs you should consider should be:

  • Small SUVs – If you can find a used 2014 Lexus NX 300h Luxury, then this is truly a steal. The hybrid drivetrain is a perfect vehicle for you as it is fuel-economical and has quite a long way to go with its battery power.
  • Medium SUVs – The 2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring wins this one. It seems that 2014 Mazda cars are very much demanded and 2020 is a good year to buy and sell those models. Great driving experience and packed with goodies.
  • Large SUVs – If you need more space for everyone and everything, then try looking for the Ford Territory TS diesel AWD, 2014 version. This model did extremely well when it was launched and it seems that they are still very much loved by the Ford followers in 2020.