Car Leasing instead of Owning

After all that has been said and done about public transportation, you will still need a car to get around especially if you are staying and working in the Klang Valley. Fundamentally, a car gets you around easier and more significantly when you are rushing for time.

Enter Car Leasing Options

The use of ride-sharing apps has become almost synonymous with modern living. Grab, MyCar and all have already crept into our everyday lives whether we realized it or not. But a whole new option has since come up that has changed the car rental (or leasing) sector by large. And this is where you can now rent a car for an hour, a day, a few days or a few weeks. And the benefits can be quite evident too!

Why should you lease?

There are a few factors that can determine why you should lease a car and it could be any of the following:

  • Lease instead of buy – When you lease, you do not need to fork out any amount as downpayment and you definitely will be free from the monthly installments that drag you on for a few years. It is enjoying the car without any strings attached (not long term at least)
  • As and when needed – You might not need to a car all the time. While it is convenient to have a car in your possession (not entirely yours until you pay it off), you might not be using it all the time. So, you only rent a car as and when you need to.
  • Cost – It is definitely cheaper to lease a car instead of maintaining one. You are free from sending the car for service, repairs, upgrades, etc

Having said that, there might be the downside of renting a car as well. It might sometimes be not too convenient to try to find a vehicle when you need one. If that is the case, you could always call a Grab when needed.

Where can you lease from?

Previously, you rent a car from big companies such as Mayflower, Hertz and the likes. With technology (mobile especially), you can now easily rent a car easily through your smartphones. Below are some of the major ones you can use.

  • Moovby – Among the pioneers in Malaysia, this app works very well for people with cars or motorbikes that they don’t often use. Moovby is a peer-to-peer app that connects people with vehicles they rarely use with those looking to rent them. The rates are quite reasonable where a Perodua Viva can be rented from RM6 per hour.
  • Kwikcar – This is also a peer-to-peer car-sharing app where there is a wide range of vehicles available. In fact, many reviewers have been quite happy to rent the high-powered cars through Kwikcar (with conditions of course!).
  • GoCar – This app has been around since 2016. For comparison, renting a Nissan Almeria from GoCar will cost about RM15 per hour
  • Socar – One of the latest apps to join this market, it has been quite prominent especially around the Klang Valley. You can rent a Perodua Axia from RM8 per hour or they can even deliver to your location (certain places only) from RM5.

So, what does this mean?

Ultimately, would it change the way people commute? The answer is a resounding YES! With car sharing and leasing, it changes the way we live altogether. After all, we do have a lot of people who own cars but have now opted to use public transportation and we have a lot of them who are using transportation but need to use a car for a short term. With mobile applications becoming more prominent before, it has already disrupted more industries than anyone can imagine. Car leasing apps will surely take over the conventional car rental business in the near future and this could happen earlier than one can blink.
After all, it has become a lot cheaper for commuters to get around if they can rent a car for an hour, 2 hours or a day or maybe just for even a week. It is more cost-effective as well, especially in the long run.