Car Tips that works

The simplest advice for your car could save you a lot of money. Many people do not know this because they always believe that going to the mechanic will solve all your car problems. But if you follow the tips below, it actually keeps your vehicle running better.

Top tips you never knew that works

Below are some of the practices you can apply to your vehicle and to make it better, you need not be an expert to do so.

Reduce wear and tear on your wipers

Use Rain-X on your windshield. When you do, you do not even need to activate the wipers during light showers as the water will disperse automatically.

Get out of mud easily

If you find yourself being stuck in a puddle of mud and cannot out, do the following:

  • Get out of your vehicle
  • Lower the tyre pressure
  • Slowly but steadily manoeuvre out of the mud
  • Head to the nearest petrol station and increase the pressure to its original state

Floor the accelerator

Whenever possible, floor your car at the highway. A lot of drivers believe that they should treat the engine tenderness by not speeding it. When you do this occasionally, it clears the carbon in the injectors that are deposited there over time.

Musical chairs for the tyres

This is actually not entirely necessary but it helps by giving your tyres longer operation life. Look for the arrow on your tyre and see which direction they should go and then rotate them every 6 months or so.

Tip for parking

For automatic cars, do the following when you are coming to a park.

  • Apply the emergency break
  • Shift to P
  • This will help to minimize the stress on the transmission. After all, the brakes were designed to take the weight of the vehicle

Minimize your key bundle

Your car keys should not hold too much. Some drivers like to put all the keys in one bunch. This will cause damage to the ignition’s system and is more so when your car goes through a bumpy ride.