Do you need to wash your car even if it looks clean?

So your car looks extremely clean and shiny. It has not been raining for a few days which is why it does not look dirty. So does that mean that you need not give it a wash since you barely drove it?

The rule of thumb is that you need to keep the paint job of your car at its best at all times if you want to preserve its colour.

To maintain and preserve your car’s finish, you should have it washed all the time. If you are the type who waits for bird droppings or other contaminants on the surface before you wash your car, then you are doing it all wrong.

In Malaysia, the weather can be very erratic. Most vehicle owners get agitated by the rain which comes usually around the time when they are planning to wash their cars. So, it is common for one to think that:

‘There is no point washing now if it rains afterwards’.

If it rains every day, you will need to find a time in between the showers to wash your car. Rain water when allowed to stay on your car’s surface will eventually leave marks. You will need the car detergents to wash away any contaminating minerals.

Another myth that you might be interested to know is: A shiny car does not mean your car is clean.

Despite what your eyes are telling you, you need to actually wash the car even if it looks squeky clean. Send your car for polishing and waxing according to its schedule. This will ensure that the paint job is kept intact with a protective layer on top. NEVER use any type of cloth for cleaning. Use a specialized one.

The best practice to keep the paint job on your car is to have a constant cleaning schedule. Wash your car once a week, rain or shine. Wax and polish it every quarter regardless if it looks clean or new.