Guide to PDRM summons

As a driver in Malaysia, one of the nightmares you will get is when you receive a traffic summons from PDRM (Polis DiRaja Malaysia). Besides PDRM, you could even receive a summon from other authorities like JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia) or if you are in a vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, from DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur).

What are the rates like?

One thing for sure, any summon will go into the hundreds. The underlying principle is that you should try to settle the summon as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more you will need to pay.

In recent years, there has been a lot of instances when discounts were given out to traffic offenders. Although this is quite often, it should not be counted on because it might not happen all the time. So, back to the rule of thumb. If you have a summon, settle it as soon as you can.

What are the rates like?

While the rates are quite standard, they might change every once a while without any official announcement. Hence. You should be aware of what offence you have committed before agreeing to pay anything.

First Category Offences

Offences under the first category includes speeding, driving in under the influence of alcohol, using the emergency lane while driving and others. This relates to offences that were committed and became the primary cause of any accident, risking the road users’ safety and causing traffic congestion.
The rate is RM300 for all vehicle types and all duration between 1 to 60 days of the issuance of the summon. Please refer below for the exact amount.

Second Category Offence

This category relates to the behaviour of the driver when driving which contributed to congestion, accidents or to the public’s safety. All vehicle types are included in this category. Among the types of offences that are categorized here include:

  1. making an illegal u-turn
  2. Speeding not exceeding 40km/h of the allowed speed limit
  3. stopping in the yellow box
  4. driving past red light
  5. Not wearing a seat belt
  6. cutting queue

The general compound is RM150 if you pay the summons within 15 days, RM200 between 16 to 30 days and RM300 between 30 and 60 days.

Third Category Offence

This type of offences are the least serious. However, they warrant similar consequences although the fines might not be as heavy. Types of offences in this category includes:

  1. faulty brake lights
  2. failure to switch on headlights after 7pm
  3. faulty side mirrors

For this category, fines will be RM100 if paid within 15 days, RM50 between 15 and 30 days and RM250 between 30 and 60 days.

Fourth Category Offence

This category offences are those that are not directly contributing to accidents, congestions or public’s safety. It include:

  1. Expired driving license
  2. failure to display ‘P’ plate
  3. failure to update ownership of vehicle

Rates start at RM70 for first 15 days, RM120 between 16 and 30 days and RM150 between 16 and 30 days.

Common types of offences

As a rule of thumb, below are some of the common rates for any of the categories above:

  • Speeding
  1. Exceeding 01 to 20km/h = RM130
  2. Exceeding 21 to 30km/h = RM150
  3. Exceeding 31 to 40km/h = RM180
  4. Exceeding 41 to 50km/h = RM200
  5. Exceeding 51 = more than RM200
  • Failing to put on seat belt – RM120
  • Driving recklessly – RM150
  • Dangerous Driving – maximum of RM300

Demerit points

Take note that for every offence that you have committed, certain demerit points will be incurred if you committed any offence. The more serious the offence, the higher the demerit points will be. This is where it will determine how long your license will be suspended.

Other common offences

If you are involved in illegal racing and caught, you will incur more than RM200 in summons while your vehicle will be confiscated where you will then be required to appear before the court.
Using your mobile phones while driving, you will be fined RM200 plus demerit points. Your phone or other device will be confiscated as well. Take note that it is considered illegal to hold your phone when driving. This is even if you are putting it on loudspeaker.
If you have no number plate (dropped or damaged included), it will be a RM70 fine which is the same if your number plate is too stylish and does not meet the JPJ specifications.
Drunk driving is the most serious offence. You could be fined up to RM5,000 which is the maximum. Your driving license will be suspended and you could even be slapped with a jail term.

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