Make sure your window tints are legally allowed by JPJ

The next time you decide to tint your car windows, make sure that you are aware if they are allowed under the guidelines of the Road Transport Department (JPJ).


This is because it has been reported that most car owners claim when their tints violated the law was that they did not know.

These days, tinting of the car windows and windscreen are very common where they are more affordable while some even come with new car purchases as part of their packages. Most of the shops that provide these services would tell you that their products are approved by JP and even have certificates or letters of approval to substantiate their claims.

Apart from violating the traffic regulations, you might be duped into believing them and that might put you off to a couple of hundred or even thousands of ringgit. According to a recent report, there have been many of these companies that offer ‘JPJ approved’ tinting products which are well above the permissible rate.

JPJ only allow tinting of up to 30% in any vehicle unless special approvals are given in rare cases. Owners claim that they were unaware of the regulations and that they felt that as long as the screens are still visually possible, it would be fine.