Must-Do things when driving long-distance

And so, you have all the holiday plans worked out. You’ve got the hotel, the theme park tickets and even the places where you intend to eat. But you might have overlooked something. Have you checked your car’s condition?

The last thing you want is to have your car break down halfway along the highway and that would surely be a lot more stressful if you are traveling with your children.

So before heading out to your destination, make sure you take the preparatory steps beforehand.

Check, check and check

The most natural thing you should do is to send your car for a service prior to travelling. If you are about 2,000kms away from the next service, don’t take chances. Change the lubricants, the air filters and check the air-conditioning. Always check your tyres. Let the professional tell you what needs to be replaced.


This is one which many drivers always forget. Use the likes of Rain-X on the windscreen and make sure the wipers are working well so that you get the best visibility when it rains.

First-aid and emergency kit

This is something that you need to have which include the reflective triangle, batteries, flash light and such. If you don’t have it in your car already, buy one.


Make sure that you have ample rest and sleep the night before you head out. This is applicable for both going and returning from your destination. If you are the only driving, think about the safety of everyone in the car.


Pack some stuff or activities for the kids when travelling. If they are prone to car-sickness, have vomit-bags ready. Bring board games or colouring books as digital devices could cause nausea.

Snacks and food

These are essential items because you might not be able to stop for a long stretch and the kids might be hungry.


Don’t be stingy when it comes to breaks. Toilet breaks or just to freshen up at the R&R will be good for the long-distance driving. After all, you are going on a vacation, there should be no rush.