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Rising Price of Petrol – What can you do about it?

Without a doubt, the price of petrol will continue to rise due to the global pricing and other factors. Each time the government announces a petrol price increase (due to any reasons), drivers will always think about ways to save on petrol. Some even considered going for NGV (natural gas).
However, many drivers are not aware that saving fuel is not only about the price of petrol but it is in the way they drive. Here are some tips.

Weight – Your car will require more fuel if the weight is too heavy. Remove the things that you do not need from your boot like your golf bags or unwanted boxes. Some drivers like to keep their clothes, shoes and other personal things in the car. Its time to clean it up and stop treating it like your second home because with a lighter load, your car does not require as much fuel.

Fueling – When you are refueling, make it a good practice not to fill the tank to full. It is a common habit to ‘round up’ the filling of fuel. For instance, you fill your tank to full and it stops at RM64.07. In most cases, you will be tempted to fill it up to RM65. Stop that habit. Go for half or three-quarter tank. Remember that the more fuel you have, the heavier your car becomes.

Tyres – Always check your tyres and ensure that they are properly inflated. If they are not, then it means you need more power to move the tyres which means more acceleration.

Engine – Every time you send your car for servicing, you are tuning it to perform efficiently. Ensure that you are doing this regularly and your car will not consume as much petrol. In this case, it is good practice to use the correct type of engine oil formulated for your car like synthetic, semi-synthetic and such.