Taking your driving test

So you are at the age where you can take your driving test where you could get your driving license and then actually be legitimately driving. Whatever anyone told you, getting your driving license is not has difficult as it sound. All you need is some skills and 2 months of your time, and of course a lot of discipline.

The cost is usually around RM1,000 inclusive of tests and courses and this is not inclusive of that ‘extra’ that people will tell you about. So assuming that you are going to ‘legal’ way, this is what you should do. First, you need to pass the highway-code test. In this test, you will need to know the rules and regulations on the road. Your score must be 42/50 minimum in order to progress.

Once you have passed that test, you can then go on for the practical sessions. You are required to take am minimum of 8 hours of driving classes and a maximum of 16 hours. In most cases, each session will be around 2 hours and you will need to find a legitimate driving school to do this. Once you have completed that, you can then schedule for the driving test. There will be 4 segments which are as follow:

Parking – Uphill

Parking – Side

3-point turn

Driving on the road.

Your instructor would have taught you the tricks and tips on how to pass all 4 and once you have passed all 4, you will be eligible for your driving license. Welcome to the real world.