Tips on how to save petrol when driving around Malaysian roads

With petrol price rising each year, more and more people are looking at alternatives like hybrid cars and even motorbikes instead of using the standard petrol-powered cars. But changing to a hybrid car could be an expensive option so if changing your vehicle is not a viable option, is there hope yet?
The answer is yes. In fact if you know how to drive on Malaysian roads, you can actually save fuel. The following are some tips that you can follow.

Modifications – no matter what they tell you, there are no special gadgets that can help your car to save fuel. Additives will not do the job. And please do not change the air-filters or the exhaust pipes because they will not make your care any more efficient than it was supposed to. The car in its stock specifications is designed to give you the best performance. So, just leave it as it is. Changing the breathing system will only create air and noise pollution.

Don’t speed and break all the time – There is NO need to floor the pedal each time you drive. Malaysian roads are not race tracks, don’t speed all the time. By doing this, you will use more fuel and wear out the brake pads faster.

Drive economically – when you accelerate, do so gradually. Stop harsh acceleration at all costs.

Don’t over-accessorize – Its fun to personalize your Wira but there is no need to change it into a Mitsubishi. You might think that using roof boxes could give you more space but it will only add weight to your car and use more fuel.

Use high gears – Where possible, use high gears. If you are driving a manual car, change the gear when you are around 2,000 and 2,500 revs. Don’t drop gear all the time.

Maintain a steady speed – Malaysian highways only allow you to get up to 110km/h at most. If you are in the highways, try to maintain a steady speed. If it is 90, then try to maintain 90 as long as possible. Not all cars have this but if you have cruise control, USE IT!

Service your car – always follow the schedule so that your engine is in its best condition at all times

Bumps – Malaysian roads are most popular for bumps. When approaching one, go on a constant speed of 20 to 30 km/h. Try not to use the brakes.

Parking – where possible, reverse into a parking bay. This will ensure that you can drive forward later. Reversing when you try to get out will consume more fuel as you need to brake, accelerate, brake and accelerate again.

Air-cond –Yes, we know that Malaysian weather is very hot, but if you can, try to minimize on the air-conds. Enjoy the fresh air in the mornings and don’t switch on the air-conditioning.