Tips to help you save fuel!

With the rising cost of fuel and the constant call to lowering the cost of living today, one of the things one should do is to stretch every sen you can get out of your car. While you might not feel that much a different, in a long run, and when price of fuel increase a bit more, the following tips might just be what you need to drive further with one tank of fuel.

[B]Shed those excess baggage[/B]
This is pretty logical, the more things you have, the more fuel you will need. So if it is not needed, take them out. And this include the side skirts, the additional spoiler and all that too.

[B]Your air filter is important[/B]
When your car is serviced, the air filter will either be cleaned or changed. Ensure it is always clean so because you do not want it to be clogged.

[B]Tyre pressure and alignment[/B]
Get this straight, your tyres must be at their optimum pressure because it will require less power to move the car about. If they are low, more friction will be created which means more power is needed, which means more fuel will be used.
On the other hand, make sure that your wheels are aligned accordingly. This is because if they are not, friction will again be increased. Check the alignment as often as you can.

[B]Use the appropriate engine oil[/B]
Most cars are made for certain types of engine oil. Don’t be too smart and change as you like or you think is more powerful. Use that with the best performance.

[B]Some things are meant to do in the morning.[/B]
Like filling up your tank, and when the air temperature is not hot, because if it is some of the petrol will evaporate instead of reaching into the tank.

[B]Keep your car clean, at all times[/B]
Like it or not, believe it o not, the dust and dirt on your car will create more weight and slow down your car, so more fuel is needed to move it.

[B]Half empty or half full?[/B]
The car is more responsive when the petrol tank is above half instead of below half. This is due to the pressure in the tank. So if you constantly keep it above half, you need to step too much on the pedal to move the car.

[B]Tune your engine right[/B]
The ideal tuning for your car will help you to save a lot of fuel. This is where the RPM should not exceed 1.5 per minute (when it is idle). Move to Neutral whenever possible.

[B]Most important of all, drive at a constant and the right speed[/B]
Always try to drive at a constant speed. Don’t rev the engine too much or use the high gear in low gear situations. Get the gears right, drive at a constant speed and more fuel will be saved.