Top 10 Worst Driving Habits

Bad driving habits. Most of us have been guilty of it and yet we still do it. While we all have our own styles and techniques, there are some that are really irritating. Here are the top 10.

10. Using cheaper lubricants

The engine lubricants that you use should always be authentic and you should check to make sure. When you see any cheaper alternatives, as tempting as it might be, this is one thing you must NOT do. If the lubricant is not authentic, it will cause more damage to your engine in the long run which means you will end up paying more for maintenance.

9. Changing from D to N during red lights

It’s a common habit to this right? You approach a red light and you automatically shift your automatic gear from Drive to Neutral thinking it will reduce wear and tear. In fact, it actually puts more pressure on many other parts when you disengage and re-engage your gear.

8. Resting your hands on the gear shift

When you drive with your one hand on the steering and another on the gear shift, it makes you feel like you are driving a sports car doesn’t it? While it might look really cool (especially when you drive a manual car), it will cause more wear and tear on the fork when your hand is resting on the shift.

7. Not servicing your car on time

There is a reason why they tell you to service your car every 5,000 kilometers or 10,000 whichever it is. You are not required to make major repairs, just the basic servicing will do as it ensures your engine is at its optimum performance levels.

6. Adding unnecessary weight

Some stuff are essentials in the car but some are just accessories. Have you seen a small car with a big container on the top? That just adds on the weight of the car. While this might mean higher fuel consumption, it also means a lot more pressure on the engine, suspensions, absorbers, shafts and everything else underneath.

5. Not washing your car regularly

It might be that you are just lazy or too busy but every week, take some time to have your car washed. If you are just too lazy, then pay someone to wash it for you. Stains will remain on the car body if you leave them there. When the sun shines, the stain becomes almost permanent. In the future, that would cost you a lot more.

4. Not using the P

We are not referring to ‘Pelajar’. We are talking about the ‘Parking’ gear (or brake). When you park your car, whether you are on a slope or otherwise, always engage the P. There really is NO reason not to. Otherwise, it would not be there in the first place.

3. Not having enough petrol

A lot of us like to drive with our petrol tank almost empty or even push it to the limit even when it is blinking. The fuel in your tank is used to cool down the fuel pump but if you do not have enough fuel inside, the pump heats up faster. In the long run, replacing it would be quite costly.

2. Dragging the brakes when you are going downhill, use low gear instead

If the danger doesn’t scare you enough, the cost would. When you are going downhill, avoid using the brakes too much. This will wear off the brake pads very quickly. Use low gears instead.

1. Texting and driving

This habit beats every other bad habit you can imagine. While you might be an expert, texting and driving might not cause wear and tear to your car but it means you will use one hand to do the rest. Imagine that!