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Top 16 things you MUST know before owning a car

Buying a car is easy, maintaining it is the real challenge. You would have heard this so many times, it seems like a law. Whether you are planning to buy the latest Proton Saga or the Peugeot 206, there are certain things you must know before owning a car. We list out the top 16 must-knows.

Parts Description and Types Interval
  1. Lubricant
You must know the different types of lubricant which is a must-have in every car.
  • Non-synthetic lubricants – every 5,000km
  • semi-synthetic – every 7,500km
  • synthetic lubricants – must be changed every 10,000km at most.
  1. Oil Filter
Oil filters must be changed according to the timeline of the lubricant Follow the interval as Lubricants
  1. Spark Plugs
In most cases, spark plug must be changed every 20,000km unless you start experiencing jerks when driving. In some cases, spark plugs can last up to 40,000km although that is not recommended Every 20,000km or up to 40,000km
  1. Batteries
Used to power up the stereo, lights and other parts when the ignition is off
  • Up to 2 years for standard batteries
  • 1 year for dry batteries.
  1. Timing Belt


Most critical for older cars Needs to be changed after 60,000km for the older cars

For newer cars, it will be up to 100,000km

  1. Clutch Plate
If you start experiencing ‘clutch slips’ when driving, then you must change it as soon as possible  
  1. Fuel Filter
  Only needs to be changed after about 50,000km
  1. Air Filter
Only for conventional air filters and not the ‘sports’ type like K&N filters In most cases, you need to replace a new air filter after 20,000 to 25,000km
  1. Automatic Transmission Fluid
Only for cars running on automatic transmission To be changed every 30,000km
  1. Gear Oil
Only for manual transmission cars Must be changed every 60,000 to 65,000km
  1. Power Steering Fluid
For cars with power steering Every 60,000km
  1. Coolant
The fluid used to cool down the radiator usually costing about RM10 to RM15 per bottle Needs to be changed every 60,000km or when the level is low
  1. Air-Cond Belt
You can see this belt as to whether they are old and needs replacement Same as timing belt
  1. Service Interval
This refers to 5,000km or 3 months whichever is sooner You must follow the interval as per the specifications of the car
  1. Water Pump
This is to ensure that water is channelled to the radiator to cool down the engine Needs to be changed when you change your timing belt for the second time.
  1. Overhaul
The entire engine needs to be checked after a long period of time. In most cases, it involves dismantling major parts and cleaning them This should be done every 200,000km or 7 years