Top 3 Car Maintenance Myths

A lot of people would give you different types of opinions when it comes to car maintenance. Some will tell you that it would be best to keep your wipers up when you are parking under the sun while others tell you to put on Neutral whenever possible. So are these ‘advices’ right or wrong? We put that into perspective for you.

Myth 1 – Putting your Automatic gear to ‘N’ during red lights

This will not do much difference to your car where it does not help to prevent wear and tear and will not use up the clutch pads. As a matter of fact, if you do that during the red lights, it will create more wear and tear as you will be incurring more gear transmission changes where you need to keep shifting the gear from ‘N’ to ‘D’ particularly during traffic jams.

Myth 2 – If you are using RON95, the RON97 is surely better

Where this is concerned, most cars today run on RON95 petrol as it is the most common fuel in Malaysia and it is cheaper than RON97. Unless your car manufacturer tells you to use RON97, using this premium grade won’t give your car a cleaner engine and surely not improve the performance. Cars will run well under the regular grade fuel which is lower than RON95.


Myth 3 – Warm Up Your Engine Before You Start

This is the most common misconceptions about driving and maintaining your car. Most people will tell you to start your car engine first for a few minutes in the morning before starting your journey. The engine is actually designed to move once you step on the accelerator. Staring your car for a few minutes won’t make the channeling of fuel any faster. There is actually no need to ‘warm up’ the car prior to driving. If you switch on the engine in the morning, it will be using fuel anyway so in the long run, it means that you are wasting precious fuel (and money along the way).