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Top 5 Problems caused by damaged engine mounting

This does not happen regularly, probably once every 5 years or so depending on the way you drive but if your engine mounting is damaged, it could result in bigger problems.

Your car engine’s mounting is very crucial because it is supposed to hold your engine together. There is no escaping this but the mounting will damage due to wear-and-tear. Basically, it depends on the way you drive and where you drive. So it is only a matter of how long before the engine mounting spoils. Averagely, it is about 5 years before you need to change it. Take note that if the mounting is spoilt, you need to change it as soon as possible or it could spiral to other more serious problems.

Vibrating Engine – This is the most common symptom you will see with a damaged engine mounting. When your car is idle, you feel the vibration through your steering wheel. Look at the side mirror and if the image is flickering, then it is time to change it. It will not get any better, only WORSE!

Alignment – When your mounting is no longer functional, the weight distribution of your engine is uneven. This will cause misalignment of your wheels. In the long run, your tyres will suffer.

Gearbox – The engine mounting is made up of several parts. One of them is usually located near to the gearbox. If your mounting is not functioning well, it will affect the gearbox, even damaging it. Gearboxes are among the most expensive parts in any car.

Engine Parts – If either one of the mounting parts are broken, the side of the engine will droop. This can cause the engine to damage which includes the belts and hoses. The problem is you will only realize this problem when something breaks.

Noise – Besides the excessive noise coming from your engine, you will start to experience rattling parts all around the car. The condition will only worsen and you could feel like you are driving a tractor or a truck. Bigger problems will surface as you start hearing rattling from behind or within your car due to the uneven weight distribution.

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