Top myths about engine maintenance

It is common that you have heard certain ‘myths’ about car maintenance and here are some of the validations.

You must service you car every 5,000km or the engine will wear off very soon. Now this is not entirely true although you are encouraged to service it at shorter intervals. But sometimes, due to inconvenience or budget constrains you are unable to do so. Fret not! Under normal circumstances, engine are actually able to go until 10,000km. But as recommended, you should change them earlier so that the lubricant remains clean at all times.

Topping up your brake fluids will solve your braking problems. Under most circumstances, you will find that the brake fluids are low so you just added some new ones and expect it to be fine. This is very wrong. Ensure that you have your brakes checked and when the fluids are low it means that perhaps the pads are wearing thin and it is time to change them.

RON97 is better than RON95. Always check with the manufacturer about the fuel you can use in your car. It does not mean that if you pay more for your fuel, performance will improve. Cars are designed to use RON95 and lower and this does not mean that the higher the grade, the better it is. There is no point wasting money on paying for premium fuel.

Let your engine warm up after starting your car. That is no longer necessary with modern cars. If your car is already 10 years old, then maybe so. Otherwise modern vehicles are designed to warm up faster when they start moving.