malaysia safety driving for women

Top Safety tips for Women drivers

Women drivers! Be mindful and diligent always, it could save your life

Female drivers who drive alone should always be cautious and stay safe before, during and after a driving session. Follow the vital tips that for your own personal safety.

Before getting into the car

Car maintenance
Don’t compromise on car maintenance. Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition at all times. You’d never know when it can breakdown.

Car Keys
Always get your keys ready before heading to your car. Hold your keys before you reach your car. Never search for them when you are at your car. This is the best time for burglars to attack.

Back seat
Look at the back seat before entering the car. Check and see if the doors are unlocked and anything suspicious.

While Driving

Use the horn if you notice anything suspicious or dangerous. Don’t be afraid to attract attention.

Doors and windows
Always lock all the doors when driving. Ensure all the windows are rolled up as well.

Emergency numbers
Make sure you have the emergency numbers in your car. You should have them recorded in your phone and purse if possible.

It might sound harsh, but NEVER pick up anyone along the road, no matter how pitiful it might be. Look around, if the road looks lonely and isolated, better be safe than sorry.

Flat Tyre
If you experience a flat tyre and it looks like a dangerous location, it would be best to drive slowly to the nearest station or a public location. There could be damages to your undercarriage but that will be fine because it could save your life.

After driving

Look for brightly-lit locations to park your vehicle and if possible where there are people on duty. Always try to find a spot which allows you to see the driver’s side when you come back later.

Suspicious people
If you notice someone hanging around your car, walk away. Don’t take anything for granted.

Always try to find someone to walk you to your car.

This is the one of the most common mistakes drivers make. If you are hit from behind, don’t get out immediately. Check the situation and call the police if you are not sure.

Keep a pepper spray in your car and one in your purse, just in case.