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What Are Your Tyres Telling You?

Do you notice a lot of words on your tyres? Do you know that they actually mean something, each and everyone of them?

There is a school of thought which says that your tyres (or wheels) are the most crucial part that can determine your safety when driving because it is the only contact point between you and the ground.

So what is that you should know about your tyres that you haven’t already do?

When you feel that the car is shuddering when you are driving at fast speed, then it is a sign that your tyres are not balanced. Vibration to the vehicle is very dangerous and if it happens even at low speed, then you must send your tyres for balancing immediately.

Check: Look at the treads of your tyres, if they are worn out towards one side of the tyre, then it means you are driving very imbalanced tyres.

Tip: To be safe, make sure that you balance your tyres once every 20,000 kilometers but if you hit a big pothole or curb, then you should have the balancing checked.

Alignment of the tyres means that you want all four to be pointing and heading in the same direction of the vehicle. If your tyres are not aligned, they will wear out faster and will consume more fuel. You can check this very easily. When you are cruising at a constant speed in the highway (ensure that there are not many cars around and that you are on a straight road), let go your hands from the steering wheel. If your car tends to move towards one side, then your alignment is off.

Check: It is hard to check this on your tyres but they will tell you when you are driving.

Tip: Check your alignment once every 10,000 kilometers. You can’t have it at point accuracy but its better than being totally out of alignment

If you have been using this set of tyres for more than 2 years, then it is probably time to change your tyres, no matter how new they look. The normal rate is 30,000kms for the front and 50,000kms or the rear. That means if you had gone for retreading, your tyres are actually a lot older.

Another way to check the age of your tyre is to look at the side wall of your tyre where you will see a 4-digit number. This will tell you when the tyre was manufactured. For instance if you notice a 2309 on the side of your tyre, it means:

23 – the 23rd week of the year

09 – 2009 was the year it was manufactured.

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