What is Tyre Retreading and is it safe?

Tyre Retreading. You might have heard of this and would like to know if it is actually safe. After all, the only thing keeping you from the ground is your tyres, so shouldn’t you use the most expensive tyres you can find instead of ‘recycled’ ones?

Tyre retreading is where worn tyres are given new tread. This is where the worn tread is shredded off before a new tread is bonded which is actually how new tyres are manufactured. The casing, if it is still very much in good shape, will be given a new tread which subsequently will give it a new life.

So, is it safe? That would be the golden question. You must know that all commercial airlines use retread tyres and it is also used by jet fighters too. In fact, this has helped the airlines to save a lot of money as they need not spend on new tyres each time one wears out.

The best thing about retread tyres is that they are much cheaper than new tyres and they are proven to be as safe and as durable as new ones. The most important thing you must ensure is that the company handling the retreading is a professional and reputable one. This will ensure that they use only selected and inspected worn tyres and not just any other tyre. Therefore, using retread tyres are completely safe and durable if you know who is doing it. Never buy them if you are in doubt.