Whoops! I locked my keys in the car. What should I do?

This happens to us every once in a while. Unintentionally, we leave the car not knowing that the keys are still in the ignition hole and then lock the doors. That is one of the most catastrophic things that can happen to any driver because it means that you are pretty much stuck there until you can find a way into your car without having to break anything.

In most cases, the most natural thing you should do is to call for professional help like the police, the automotive assistance or a certified locksmith. But irony being irony, your mobile phone could be low on battery and you might not have the phone number. So for emergency purposes, you might want to call the police for help.

If you are in a situation where professional help is not available, then you might have to make do with what you have. However, take note that opening the car doors with other objects apart from the intended keys would need a lot of patience and effort.

The first thing you should do is to check if all doors are locked. Many cases have been reported that after spending hours opening the driver’s door, they found out that one of the doors were actually unlocked.

Secondly, check and see if your car boot is opened. If it is, look for a way in through the rear seats. If the trunk is not opened, then you have no choice but to try to unlock the doors from the outside. This technique however is not applicable to all crs.

For vehicles where the door locks are located within the interior door handle, it would almost be impossible to try and hook it from the outside. But for the older cars where the door locks are buttons located on the window ledge, then you are in luck.

What you need is a wire coat hanger. Look for an opening between the rubber strip and the side window where the lock is located. You need to insert a hook in between the strip and the glass so you need one which is thin enough to fit.

Take the coat hanger and straighten the end to look like a hook and then slip it through the middle of the strip and the window pane. The hook should be pointing up and you need to maneuver to be below the door lock lever and then pulling it up.

If this fails, don’t try anything else that might damage the car parts. You might have to resolve to call the professionals from here. Therefore, it is always good practice to keep a spare key somewhere for emergency situations like these.