Why is it important to keep your car in top condition and simple tips on how

As much as we try to keep our cars in its best condition, it would suffer from years of wear and tear. It seems that each time you change one part, other things will start to fall apart.


So how do we keep the vehicle in the best possible condition so that it can go on for years without any major problems?

The first and most important thing is to ensure that regular servicing is done. While each time you change the engine oil will give you about 5,000 to 7,000 km before the next change, if possible (and the wallet permits), change the oil at a shorter interval. The rule of thumb here is to keep the oil as clean as possible.

Whenever possible, rotate the tyres so that they are balanced at all times. Your tyre pressure is very important, never wait until it feels heavy to check them, do so every 2 weeks. Look into your engine every once in a while and pay special attention to the belts in there. If they look like they need to be changed, then consult your mechanic and change them.

Wash your car regularly and ensure that the paint is kept at its best. If it starts to rust, it will create more problems later. When possible wax your car so that it is protected from dirt and such. Check and see if your brake and indicator lights are working. You never know if they are not because you are always in the car.