Honda Malaysia

Honda Motor Company Ltd is another Japanese multinational corporation listed as one of the Top 10 best car brands in Malaysia for 2009. With 7.5 percent (38, 783) of total units sold the previous year, the number of sales increased from 2008.

Top Auto Brand in Malaysia

Known as a manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles, Honda is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. In addition to that, Honda is also the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines based on volume. Honda was ranked the world’s 6th largest automobile manufacturer recently and continues to be in the top 10 list.

It was the first Japanese car maker to produce a luxury brand, Acura back in 1986. Besides motorcycles and automobiles, Honda is also involved in production of other products such as robots, air crafts and engines where it enjoys a lot of technology transfer and such.

The Iconic Honda Civic

Honda Civic, a compact car is available in Malaysia to appeal to different niche market. Civic is the second longest car in production after Toyota Corolla. This model has gone through several generational changes before it was launched in Malaysia. However, Honda Civic has been one of the best selling models in the Malaysian markets for many decades and it is still a very popular brands here.

As an icon, the Honda Civic has changed its design many times but somehow it has preserved its original persona. This line of compact car started as a subcompact model but has since been upgraded to become a larger saloon model to appeal to the upper-scale market. From 1972, the 3-door hatchback has come a long way through its revolutionary V-TEC engine years to become one of the most recognized models from Honda.

Hybrid electric models by Honda

Honda launched their first hybrid electric car back in 1999. The Honda Insight was then meant for the US market and was one of the most fuel-efficient models ever made then. The Honda Insight however had to compete with Toyota Prius which became more successful. In 2009, the Insight got its second generation and since then has been launched in many markets around the world.

Besides the Insight, Honda has been translating their very efficient hybrid technology to other models. This includes the Civic, the Accord and to the Honda Jazz. Meanwhile, the CR-Z is a sportier roadster-type of hybrid engine and has been quite successful as well. As at the end of September 2012, Honda has sold more than 1 million hybrid models across the world.

Honda in Malaysia

Among some of the models available in Malaysia are Honda City, Honda Jazz, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey and Honda Freed. Honda’s lineup differ by country to suit the customers’ demands and needs in particular region. For example, the luxury sedan, Ridgeline is only available in North America.

Malaysian drivers and customers prefer small-compact cars such as Perodua Kancil, Proton Satria and the more expensive, Suzuki Swift. To attract these customers, Honda launched Jazz to appeal to young customers who are looking for sporty yet high quality compact cars.

On the other hand, Honda Odyssey is a unique MPV to attract different batch of customers – those who seek comfort and look for value for money. Honda Odyssey facelift launched in 2006 has a new floating design available in five colours – Nighthawk Black, Grayish Mauve Metallic, Carbon Bronze, Alabaster Silver Metallic, and Premium White Pearl where it became one of the best selling cars that year.