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Lexus is a brand about luxury and prestige. The ‘L’ oval shaped logo was founded in 1989 by Eiji Toyoda and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Lexus is a brand marketed by Toyota Motor Corporation, the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Its main market is in the luxury vehicles segment where it competes with the likes of Nissan’s Infiniti and Germany’s BMW.

Toyota’s Premium Lexus

Lexus was originally created to compete for the United States market where it has now grown to other markets and has become one of the top luxury vehicle brands in the world today. To date, Lexus is represented in more than 70 countries and territories globally with operational bases in places like Belgium and the US.


Since its launch in 1989, Lexus was not officially introduced in Japan until 2005. However, there were equivalent models marketed in the home country under the Toyota brand. This was the era where Lexus began expanding to other countries apart from the US to other countries in Europe and most notably in Asia. The Lexus brand has been hugely popular in countries like Hong Kong and China while other countries are catching up in terms of demand as well.

International Brand

Today, Lexus is the largest-selling brand of premium cars from Japan. It has been ranked among the 10 largest global brands from this country. When it started, the first model was code-named F1 targeted to be a new premium sedan. This would then become the Lexus LS back in 1989 which would become an icon in itself to present day.

Later on, Lexus continued to grow and before long, there were SUVs, coupe, convertibles and other models. It was in 2005 that the first hybrid was born known as the RX crossover. The popularity of Lexus continued to grow where in 2007, its first F marque performance division was formed to launch the IS F Sport sedan before the LFA was rolled out 2 years later.

United States remain as one of the top markets for Lexus while in Malaysia, the popularity of this brand has been growing by leaps and bounds as well.


One of the most significant factor about Lexus is in its technology. It has constantly emphasized on the standards and quality of the vehicles. This is very crucial as there is a need to distinguish the brand from Toyota although customers are constantly making comparisons between the 2.

Aerodynamics and ride quality as well as the functional elements of Lexus cars are always priorities where the company uses the IDEAL (Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advance, Lasting) concept is used during the design and development stages. Another platform that Lexus uses is the 500 “Lexus Musts” imposed on every vehicle.

Lexus Malaysia

There are several models available and marketed under Lexus Malaysia. This includes models under the Compact Sedan, Mid-Size Sedan, Sports Sedan and Luxury Sedans like the IS, ES, GS and LS cars respectively. Meanwhile, the Lexus SUVs are among its most popular models like the RX270, RX3560, GS Series and the RX Hybrid which has been gaining a lot of demand lately.

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