Bermaz – Berjaya Mazda

The Mazda5 is also imported by Bermaz. This model has been around for some time now and the new version comes standard with some new features like facelifts. The 6 coloured choice vehicle that comes with the new MZR 2.0 litre engine will be sold from RM149,000.

Then there is the award winning Mazda6.2 versions of this sedan will be imported, the 2.0 litre and the 2.5 litre versions both priced at RM143,933 and RM170,88 respectively.

Mazda cars were previously imported by C&C Bintang and since taking over the distributorship, Bermaz Motor will be providing the sales and services to new and old Mazda owners. Its Director and CEO Dato’ Ben Yeoh said that “We will certainly provide the necessary after-sales support to all Mazda customers and we will try to also help those who bought ‘gray imports’ from other parties. Every model we import has specifications which are suitable for this country’s fuel quality and other conditions. Mazda is very stringent about such matters and would not give us a model which was not properly tuned for our fuel quality,”