Government kick-starts ban on import of used car parts and components starting June 1

According to Datuk Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, the secretary-general of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the import of used car parts adn components will be phased out starting this June. This is the first phase which will involve 4 critical parts which are brake linings, brake pads, tyres and batteries. She said this after a meeting between the representatives from FEMPTAM (Federation of Engineering and Motor Parts Traders’ Associations), FAWOAM (Federation of Automobile Owners Association of Malaysia) and the government agencies.

She also said that the agreement to phase out the import was reached after the consultation with the industry players as well as other government agencies where the ministry will be continuously working with on the next phase. The ban was necessary to curb the rising concerns of road safety and for environmental protection purposes. On the same note, Lim Wei Fook, the president of FEMPTAM said that the ban will not affect the supply of car parts as the used car parts and components are usually catered to cars which are more than 10 years. There are around 15 million cars in the country which are more than 5 years old.