Lower Toll Rates for LDP

Mohd Zin also initiated that the off-peak hour toll rates was only one of the options that the ministry is looking into to help solve the problem. Another option is to use a ‘multilane toll collection system’ of which vehicles can just drive through the lanes.

He added that “A lot of congestion was caused by cars slowing down when they need to pay toll. With the multilane system which uses infrared rays like the one used in Australia, cars can maintain their speed,”.

The last resort which is more costly would be to realign the LDP. He said that realignment will be done if all else fails. “The LDP’s volume is very high and many motorists have complained about congestion,”

In contrast, FOMCA or the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations, do not think that the lower toll rates will be effective. Its Secretary-General, Mr Muhammad Shaani Abdullah said that “We cannot expect the people to leave for work at 5am and get home at 2am.“It just does not make sense. What we need is proper traffic management and better enforcement,”