Malaysia Welcomes the Rush from Toyota

Its interior are mostly beige coloured seats and could easily accommodate 7 people on its three rowed seats. There are also ample air-conditioning at the back for the comfort of the passengers behind. Just like the Avanza, the boot space is somewhat compromise to put the additional passengers and if not, the chairs are foldable to give more space. It also comes equipped with an MP3 player coupled with 2 front, 2 rear speakers and 2 tweeters, not available with the Avanza , all of which sits and reside comfortably on its standard 16 inch allow wheels.

The higher range model comes with reflector lens headlamps, foglamps, a rear spoiler, dual airbags and ABS which are not available on the 1.5G models. Priced at around RM95,000, it will sit in nicely in the competitive level with the recently launched Nissan Grand Livina, which is also around that price. The lower versions are priced from RM85,000 to RM89,000 and all comes with a 3 year warranty or 100,000kilometers, whichever comes first.