Proton Global Small Car spotted in Cameron Highlands, could this be the new compact car?

The roads around Cameron Highlands seemed to be quite the place to go if anyone is planning to test their cars. Nowhere can one find some sharp turns, long and winding roads, single-lane overtaking opportunities and of course, there is the cool weather.

That was what was seen recently when a Daihatsu Ayla was spotted at the hill station around Cameron Highlands and to join the bandwagon is the Proton Global Small Car. According to reports, Proton is set to launch its compact car in the first half of this year. This is a different model to the C-segment Preve Hatchback as it should be something like what many saw during the Proton EMAS concept car revealed a few years ago.

And with a month to go before the first half concludes, it still looks as if the GSC is still not close to being finalized. The competition to invite people to name the new car was held last year and that is expected to be the one which will be badged onto this.

Since then, spy shots have been taken and went viral where it has been seen on highways both in and outside Malaysia. There were even shots taken of the GSC on snow which suggested that it might be a model earmarked for export as well. After all, the newly appointed chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has voiced the intention of Proton to work harder in expanding its export markets and to collaborate with more Japanese automotive manufactures.