Rare finds – the race winning 1969 Ford Mustang 429

One of the cool findings in eBay recently is a 1969 Ford Mustang 429 and it seemed to be quite a steal considering that the owner has only chalked up some 4,409 miles in it. This means that the car is in quite mint condition as it has been in the garage for most of its life. So from what the picture gathers, it comes with its bias-ply tyres and comes with the ‘S’ engine. This if you haven’t already know is only made for the first 279 units of the Boss 429s.

It is still in great shape since it was bought in 2007 where the owner has given it a cleaning as well as having its engine re-activated. This particular unit has also won some races during its hey-days despite its low mileage so at a USD550,000 price tag, it could well be quite a worth buy. After all, the winner stickers could still be clearly seen on its windows as living proof that it has its history